Current Wilkins Lab members

Mike Wilkins

assistant professor

I completed my Ph.D at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom before moving to UC Berkeley to perform postdoctoral research. I have since worked as a staff scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and as faculty at Ohio State University, before joining CSU in Fall 2018

Casey Saup

Doctoral student

Casey is from Columbus, OH, and is currently investigating how seasonal fluctuations in snowmelt and associated river discharge affect riverbed biogeochemistry and microbiology in upland watersheds


Anne Booker

doctoral student

Anne is from Shreveport, LA, and is working on the microbiology of deep, hydraulically fractured shale formations


Kaela Amundson

Doctoral Student

Kaela is from Verona, WI, and is using multi-omic tools to investigate microbial community processes in deep shales.








Former Wilkins Lab members

Robert Danczak

Doctoral student

Graduated Summer 2018. Now a postdoctoral researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Paula dalcin martins

Doctoral student

Graduated Summer 2018. Now a postdoctoral researcher at the Radboud University Nijmegen


Research associate


Now working at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 


Mike Johnston

Research associate

Now working for the NIH in North Carolina








Current Wilkins Lab collaborators

Kelly Wrighton

Colorado State University



Audrey Sawyer

ohio state university



Yo chin

university of delaware



David Hoyt

Environmental molecular sciences laboratory



James Stegen

Pacific northwest national laboratory



Ken Williams

Lawrence berkeley national laboratory