Current Wilkins Lab members

Mike Wilkinw

Prof. Mike Wilkins

Associate Professor in the department of Soil and Crop Sciences at CSU

Microbiome Network member

Kaela Amundson

Kaela Amundson | Ph.D. Student 

Kaela is working on the microbiology of deep shale ecosystems

Amelia Nelson

Amelia Nelson | Ph.D. Student 

Amelia is working on the impact of wildfire on soil microbiomes in upland watersheds

Dr. Emily Bechtold | Postdoctoral Fellow

Emily is working on microbial methanogenic networks in wetland ecosystems


Julie Fowler | Ph.D. Student 

Julie is working on the microbial ecology of forest soils following environmental disturbance

Incoming Ph.D. Student 

To be updated soon….

Former Wilkins Lab members


Paula Dalcin Martins

Dr. Paula Dalcin Martins

Now a postdoctoral researcher at Radboud University in the Netherlands

Casey Saup

Dr. Casey Saup  


Dr. Ann Booker

Dr. Anne Booker 

Now a postdoctoral researcher at Bigelow Laboratory in Maine

Dr. Bob Danczak

Dr. Bob Danczak

Now a postdoctoral researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory