In May 2023, Emily Bechtold, Raegan Paul, and Mike Wilkins traveled to Little Rock, AR, to collect samples for work investigating methane-cycling microbes associated with rice cultivation. We were able to collect soil cores and rhizosphere samples from a number of fields in the rice growing region east of Little Rock. The samples are now back in Fort Collins and analyses are ongoing….

In April, Julie Fowler and Kaela Amundson presented at the 2023 Rocky Mountain Geobiology Symposium in Boulder, CO. Julie gave a poster presentation while Kaela gave a talk 

Julie presenting her data at the RMGS
Mike, Julie, and Kaela at the 2023 RMGS in Boulder, CO

The following week, our lab attended the 2023 Front Range Microbiome Symposium at CSU, where Julie and Kaela both gave talks, and Amelia Nelson gave a poster presentation

The Wilkins and Wrighton labs at the FRMS